Monday, December 5, 2022


Glen Filthie posted a very short essay that is a "sleeper" in the sense that there is more than meets the eye.

Mr. Filthie points out that most "modern" law enforcement officials pull a vacuum when the perps do not leave an incriminating cyber-trail of evidence. Cyber evidence is very efficient to collect. Many organizations have become lazy. If it were a pump or a propeller we could say it was "cavitating".

The Powers That Be seem powerless in the face of opponents who are willing to ride a bicycle 2 miles from their extraction point, commit their mayhem on the high-leverage target and then exit stage-left. At 15 mph a bicycle covers two miles in eight minutes. Many bike paths are poorly monitored. A cross-bow bolt through the target and boogie. A mud-smeared license plate. No cell-phones. Done and done.

A pernicious myth

One of the enduring myths is that human nature evolves over time due to enforced rules.

While not created by Marxists, it was fully embraced by them.

To illustrate, this myth would have us believe that if we dock (cut) the tails of 10 or 50 or 100 generations of beagle pups then beagles will start being born without tails.

At a practical level, this theory impacts our lives with prosecutors who believe that "old" problems disappeared and no longer need to be adjudicated. They believe we have "evolved beyond" those issues and must now focus on "hate crimes" and "bad-think" and "systemic racism".

Medical "Misinformation" and Black Americans

What if Black Americans are way ahead of the curve?

There is a concept called "convergent evolution". The concept holds that if you have an ecological niche that offers a whack at a juicy slice of calories and protein and other resources, organisms will evolve to fill that niche.

If you visit various parts of the globe you will find "kangaroo mice-like" beasts everywhere. Genetically, it is clear that they evolved from different lines but they all look very similar.

What kind of personalities are attracted to professions with near-God-like powers of life-and-death? And within that profession, who would be attracted to the highest status, best paid positions with the least oversight? Might people with a high ability to premeditate courses of action and who are completely devoid of empathy and remorse find those jobs irresistible? In a word, "Psychopaths".

Psychopaths avoid the bleeding-edge of science. They prefer the sure-thing of "proven" science where they can pull a "cow-bird" and push the other eggs out of the nest.

***Disclosure: The following idea is considered heresy by the Catholic Church***

One intriguing concept is that God created near-humans during the six days of Genesis but they lacked self-awareness and/or empathy. Adam was the first human to have empathy and self-awareness with Eve being the second. This work-around was proposed by those who wondered "Who did Cain procreate with?"

So, is it "murder" to execute a near-human? Does it violate the Ten Commandments?

The Catholic Church says it does violate the Ten Commandments because only God can truly examine a human or near-human's conscience...or even determine if the near-human's conscience exists.

***End of heresy discussion***

Sadly, the "good science" gets jettisoned along with the junk, for-profit "science".

It pays to pack your own parachute and do your own research. 

In my opinion, it is still good advice to exercise, eat a wide variety of foods, eat and drink in moderation, sleep well, keep your trousers and your lips zipped, get sunshine and avoid stupid, impulsive people. Take care of your teeth and your feet. Beyond that, everything else is up for discussion.


  1. Mr Filthie does posit an interesting concept in that mass grid/water/energy terrorism would quickly make life unlivable for the modern globohomo activist for the rest of us " dirt people" it hardly qualifies as mass terrorism and is not likely to even cause us to consider wearing a face diaper let alone move to a blue hive area . This may be the straw that breaks the back of Gawd fearin folk in those Carolina Hills . Or it might break globohomo's back. I'm betting the 1st Baptist Church don't cut and run .

  2. Good post and ALWAYS pack your own parachute... You might have to use it.

  3. Most crime, especially violent crime, is committed by one of two types. Stupid people who leave plenty of evidence behind or normal people who commit it in the 'heat of the moment' without planning and thus get caught. If the victim and perpetrator do not know each other and the perp is careful to not leave any obvious evidence they stand a very good chance at getting away with the crime. As science progresses it gets harder to keep from leaving evidence behind but it can be done. This is why most murders committed outside a relationship are either solved quickly or not solved at all. Either the cops got lucky or they didn't. Many serial killers go for years without getting caught. Because their victims are random with no obvious connection to them and such types tend to be meticulous personalities. They don't leave behind much if any evidence tying them to the scene.

    1. The downside of a lot of the fancy forensics and lab work is that it costs professional man-hours and money to use. The red carpet can't be rolled out for every little crime and John Doe probably isn't going to any justice unless there is a profit motive for the government. Unless the crime is going to affect real estate values (property tax), or there are drugs and civil forfeiture are involved; justice will probably be very slow in coming, if ever. Even the military branches won't test for more than the basic party and hard drugs because it simply costs too much money.

      - Arc

    2. Good point to remember - budgets and manpower are limited, and testing is expensive.
      An example of the limits of technology:
      Several years ago I served on a grand jury. In one case, there were 2 suspects - one was found easily by his cellphone; the other used a Google Voice account and the cops basically gave up on getting anything from Google, so they didn't get him.
      Where I live now there are small budgets due to small populations. They don't have the hardware to pull vehicle information after accidents, among other technology that big cities have.
      Plus, for better or worse, the local sheriff wants to be well liked and he feels the way to do that is to prosecute as little as possible - since the local DA thinks likewise, people get away with lots around here.

  4. Yep, institutions are so reliant on their precious surveillance state and digital systems that anyone having dodged being put into the system is effectively invisible. I used to be invisible but Uncle Sam now has everything. The usual suspects are used to having technology and uninterrupted supply lines while fighting against the technologically and intellectually illiterate. Relying too heavily on something means it's a weakness that will be inevitably exploited. Without geo-fence warrants, the internet of things, ALPR, Ez-Tag, freeway cameras, etc, the usual suspects are effectively blind. As Filthie's post said, those that have even a smidgen of training and don't leave spore or traditional evidence behind will be very tough cookies. Institutions do not have the living memory of working without tech and don't know what to do without computers and social media doing it for them via digital evidence.

    I usually don't carry a pocket snitch / ankle bracelet with me anymore. It IS giving away location data in airplane mode and a lot of people have been bagged thinking they could trust it. I nixed the rest of my comment, it was getting to long.

    - Arc

  5. I fear cop shows are forever ruined for me. The idea of a plucky, heroic law enforcement officer just makes me laugh now. Or the idea of “investigative journalism”…

  6. Our societies are based on rule abiding citizens. So much stuff is just out there. Has there been any progress on the guide stones? they even had the car on video...

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