Monday, December 26, 2022

It could have been worse...

The ladies are taking Handsome Hombre back to Detroit Metro Airport because he has to work this week. He will rejoin us Friday. Tickets for air travel are still pretty cheap, especially Spirit Airlines. The important thing to remember about flying Spirit is to bring your own ratchet straps so you can attach yourself to the outside of the fuselage. Hands cramp on longer flights, dontchya know.

I was given the task of getting Quicksilver to bed. It could have gone better.

She is teething.

I tried all of the traditional remedies: Pickled ring baloney, dill pickles, sardines and Louisiana Hot sauce, Wild Turkey 101. None of them worked.

Finally I found a Youtube Channel that calmed her down. It makes sense. She is from that schizophrenic state known as Florida. Florida is a melange of Damned Yankees, Southern Culture, Caribbean Steel Drums and Latino Americano. Obviously, she needed a little more Southern Culture to level her chakra.

Mrs ERJ is probably going to make me sleep on the couch tonight. Pickled ring baloney and the other remedies usually give me gas.


  1. Hope they had a safe and quick drive ERJ, especially based on the earlier experience.

    I have not flown Spirit but The Ravishing Mrs. TB and Na Clann have. Strap yourself to the wing (and pay for the privilege) is not far off the mark, from their experience. On the bright side as you say, cheaper air travel.

  2. Of course the remedies didn't work: they're for the baby, not for you!

  3. Pickled ring baloney is a new one to this AZ native - can you recommend a brand to order and give it a try?

    1. Koegel's is the local brand but it is pretty easy to make some for yourself. Plenty of recipes on the internet. Be sure to add enough garlic and cayenne. Also, it is economical to slide in some hard-boiled eggs to make use of the space between the coils of baloney.

    2. Thx. Ordering so I know the goal if I am trying to make my own.

  4. Gas? More like nuclear level gas attack!!! Sigh... MOPP4 required.

  5. With my kids we used frozen plain bagels... A bit messy, but the cold helped the gums and they liked chewing which helped cut the teeth...

  6. When I was in school for Dental Assisting, we were told that a frozen washcloth would help teething. Some little ones seem to find relief that way. My children liked chewing on a wooden spoon. I like the idea of Koegels.


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