Wednesday, December 21, 2022


Character has been defined as "How an individual acts when they don't think anybody is watching."

That is a still a pretty good working definition.

I had a new acquaintance ask why I blogged under an assumed name.

I started out that way because I didn't want my immediate family, especially my kids, to face any discrimination for my expressing my opinions.

As long as I took money from The Corporation, I was the Corporate Man. I was prohibited from expressing myself.

I published my first blog post the first day I was retired.

Heinlein once observed that every woman is 16 years-old at heart...and every man is 10. That is true for me. Much of my humor is juvenile. So be it. When a man blogs under an assumed name, you get an unvarnished look at their character.

All of this is self-evident so it does not merit mention except for the character Ce'Diff. Whereas I act as if I knew I was always watched by the NSA or Alphabet and certainly by God. Ce'Diff acts as if every action on her part is not only seen by the Higher Powers but is endorsed by them and that they will always have her back. By her lights, she is not "forgiven" for acting on her basest motives but justified and made righteous for doing so.

Several years back I was cruising around the neighborhood with a neighbor kid. He wasn't somebody you would hold up as an icon of wisdom. He had a severe sunshine-deficiency, acne and an addiction to gaming. But he said something that I thought was profound:

"Our fascination and horror at "zombies" is hard-wired in our DNA because of our genetic fear of communicable diseases. It is like our inability to look away from a farm-truck filled with soybeans high-centered on the railroad tracks. Disaster is inevitable. The entertainment is in the details."

Isn't that part of the horrible fascination with the Woke-CRT-Intersectional crowd? Otherwise sane people act like insects with their brains infected by fungus when Those People are around. There, but for the grace of God, goes any one of us.

They are Zombies!

And every good Zombie story has one person escaping. That is what gives us hope.


  1. I blog incognito because there are SIC,SICK,SICK, mentally ill people on the internet that will hurt you because you are audacious enough to disagree with them.
    A few of use had a serious troll infestation last year and God help me if they actually who I was and where I live.
    There is nothing I have said on the internet that I wouldn't say to someone's face.

    1. Yeah, I had that happen to me professionally one time. Was participating in an industry chat forum and made the comment that "if the customer is too stupid to save themselves money, far be it from me to stop them!"
      Someone decided it would be a good idea to forwrd that on to the company president, totally unsolicited. Boss called me into his office, good timese were not had by all.
      Lesson learned: some folks are just dicks.

  2. Ce'Diff is the Queen (Alice in Wonderland's Red Queen) so anything that offends her must be punished. Too bad she is in a position of influence at work.

    What she doesn't realize everyone with any medical exposure laughs at her name behind her back.

  3. ERJ, writing with a pseudonym has a long and glorious history (Poor Richard's Almanac comes to mind). It should be more of a statement on current affairs and why people feel they cannot "express" themselves otherwise - even in fairly innocuous ways.

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