Friday, December 9, 2022



Corn typically pulls the equivalent of 5"-to-10" of rain out of the soil during the growing season. The natural precipitation during the growing season cannot keep up with what the corn transpires so that moisture has to come from somewhere.

Broad chunks of the Corn Belt show very, very low levels of soil moisture in the top meter of soil. There is still plenty of time for the soil to recharge but there will not be much run-off so river levels will stay low.


It is all about the optics. I wonder how long it will be before B-777s will be dodging man-pads after take-off. THOSE optics will suck.


Funny that nobody has suggested that it is the Russians (or Chinese). The Ruskies are blasting the Ukes back to the stone-age. Why wouldn't they give us a few tickles.

Maybe as an incentive to get their arms-merchant back?

Right-wing terrorists

Come on. Give me a break.

Even the Left does not believe the BS they are spreading.

If the Left believed that the Right was capable of all of the things they froth about then they would be talking-up a shit-storm over the fact that it would only take three bullets for the Republicans to retake the Senate. 

Replacement Senators are selected by Governors. There are Democratic Senators from states with Republican Governors. Work it out.

They know with absolute certainty that isn't going to happen. Ergo, they are BS-ing about the treat posed by "Right-wing Extremists".


  1. Individuals on the Right ARE capable of doing all that the Left and Feds would tell you we are capable of.
    We simply choose not to do them.
    Should that change, well......

  2. "Replacement Senators are selected by Governors."
    As it should be.
    Also, repeal the 17th amendment. (should never have been enacted)

    1. Also the 16th. Passed under the shadiest of circumstances and obviously unconstitutional on the face of it. Besides, at this point, it no longer matters. Money is printed like it grows on trees...oh, wait.

  3. It is ridiculous to believe that the power station attacks have been done by "right wing". Nobody on the right would target infrastructure that supports their neighbors and fellow citizens. That would hurt their base. No, when the right loses its (seemingly infinite) patience, its actions will be much more effectively targeted at America's enemies, foreign and domestic. It is much more likely that these were false flag actions committed by the Deep State.

  4. I remember talking with a friend about gun control... I mean, after all these centuries having guns, why do they need to take them away now?

    Because they're planning to do something you'd shoot them for.

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  8. The left figures if they say it loud enough and long enough... sigh


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