Saturday, December 3, 2022

Shopping tip and hunting notes

Well, it is holiday season. Don't be like Larson. Make a note of where you park your vehicle and IF you are parked in the G spot, move your vehicle to another sector if you ever want to find it again.

Trust me. Nobody likes to have to ask their wife for help finding the minivan.


I sat on the stand for a couple of hours last night. I pushed out two deer as I was walking in. Such is life.

I saw a red squirrel, a tufted titmouse, two cardinals and a chipping sparrow (not to be confused with driving or putting sparrows).

The temps were in the low forties and it was windy. I saw where I need to do some cutting in the chestnut "plantation". The Black Locust and cherry are over-topping them.

At this point I am hunting more to get out of the house than to fill the freezer.

I consider it a successful evening.


  1. ha. I missed the minivan too. I need more coffee.

  2. Calling spouses for assistance is a place where sarcasm can be found. Play responsibly or risk long term effects worse then drinking Camp Lejune drinking water.

    Getting out of the house and into the woods is therapy for the soul. A great place to think about your place in the universe.

  3. Interesting year with birds.
    This year no desert quail or roadrunners.
    This winter I have lots of small seed eaters that have been harvesting my native sunflowers.
    The odd part is I have redwinged blackbirds, meadowlarks, Robin redbreasts, and a pair of large woodpeckers. Kind of unusual for here in the high desert.

  4. It's not so much about the minivan as it is Larson being unable to find the "G" spot on a lady. Definitely keep track of which column the parking space is in. Lots aren't big enough here to letter them but I try to keep count of how many columns over from the store entrance the parking spot is at.

    Haven't seen much of any deer down here in Texas this season; it's like they poofed or are hiding. Usually mornings and evenings they are out and about but not this year. I suspect people have been eating them to off-set their food bills.

    - Arc

    1. According to Big Bang TV show, the alternative name for G Spot is Higgs-Boson location...much speculated about but rarely confirmed to exist.

  5. A bad day fishing....

  6. Sounds like my luck the last couple of years... sigh

  7. Hmm, G spot. Okay, I get it. However...

    If you ever have trouble finding your car in a parking lot there is one very easy solution. You know that button on your key fob that everyone hates? I'm talking about the panic button. The one that goes off because your keys got tangled up in your pocket and you accidentally set it off. Well, just set it off on purpose and then follow the sound.

    You're welcome.

  8. Chased a large doe up last night at the golf course as I was chasing down a couple of late golfers who couldn't tell time. I'm the cart attendant/course ranger at the local country club. I've actually scared up several deer since I've worked there. And in the morning, wild turkeys like to browse the fourth tee box area.

  9. I went out twice yesterday for muzzleloader blackpowder. Both times the only deer I detected were there when I got to the stand. I say "detected" because I saw them on my thermal monocular but never saw them with the binoculars. Both times I debated just setting up on the ground and waiting to see if they'd move towards me and decided against it and they were gone when I got into the stand. Maybe next time I'll just wait at the base of the stand for a bit.