Saturday, December 10, 2022

Lifespans of Totalitarian Regimes

Uganda: 1971-to-1979. Eight years. Ended by external forces

NAZI Germany: 1933-to-1945. Twelve years. Ended by external forces

Pinochet Chile: 1973-to-1990. Seventeen years. Ended by internal/external forces

Fascist Italy: 1922-to-1944. Twenty-two years. Ended by external forces

Ba'athist Iraq: 1968-2003. Thirty-five years. Ended by external forces

Expansionist Japan: 1910-to-1945. Thirty-five years. Ended by external forces

Yugoslavia: 1945-to-1986. Forty-one years. Ended by internal forces

Romania: 1947-to-1989. Forty-two years. Ended by internal forces

Iran: 1979-to-present. Forty-three years and counting

Albania: 1945-to-1997. Fifty-two years. Ended by internal forces 

Myanmar: 1962-to-present. Sixty years and counting

Cuba: 1959-to-present. Sixty-three years and counting

USSR: 1922-to-1991. Sixty-nine years. Ended by internal forces

North Korea: 1951-to-present. Seventy-one years and counting

Com-China: 1948-to-present. Seventy-four years and counting

Note to self: We will not be voting our way out of it.

Second note to self: History pivots most easily upon of the death of great men. Tito, Amin, Ceausescu, Hitler...evil, but great. One of the challenges of our current times is identifying the evil men behind the curtain and then to have a plan and the resources in place to render a mighty kick as the log-of-history teeters on the cusp.


  1. Great summation Joe. You definitely showed the read ahead.--ken

  2. Isn’t this true of states like California? Residents there won’t vote their way out of that mess either.

  3. Interesting facts ERJ, thank you for compiling. A question and a comment come to mind as I look at them. The first is is there any shared characteristics between those that were ended and those that continue on. The second is maybe an clarification: the men that became dictators were not just "great" in the sense of drawing power to themselves, they also in some way had charisma to allow them to draw it. And of course, all pretty evil (I cannot think of a tyrant or authoritarian who just "okay"; all in some way support the evil of the regimes, even if just by the inaction of doing nothing to change it).

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  5. Its a compelling collection of facts. I don't know why more people don't understand what is coming? Its not hard to string a few facts together, even for our dancing-with-the-stars level of intelligence.

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  7. def won't/can't vote our way out and i don't see any countries coming to save us...if we lose 2A, we are done...i believe that is the only thing keeping them from going full retard...they are currently at 7/8 retard...

  8. Tyrannies all. How many of the ongoing tyrannies are unwanted by the natives? Mainland China's tyranny, for example, is going to be popular with the mainlanders until they begin to starve.

  9. I do believe that not only is the log of history getting crisp but the end of days is approaching with amazing rapidity . Having been a student of eschatology these seventy some years the signs we were told to watch for are many and more frequent . The time of the Gentiles is wrapping up and the time of that last great [evil] kingdom is upon us . Resistance against tyranny is obedience to Gawd remember .

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  11. Interesting perspective, and the question is, what do we do next?

  12. We're getting ready for war . It is here and we have been trying to ignore it . I hope to take many with me when I go .
    Exodus 15:3
    The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.

  13. Yeah....the people behind the misery and evil being inflicted upon us were NOT elected, are NOT accountable and almost all of them are anonymous. Identifying them and exposing their evil will be a massive task and most of the sheeple won't believe the evidence.

  14. You left out: United States of America 2020-Present, two years and counting.

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  17. The REALLY useful information would be "how to radically shorten the life of a regime (and live to tell about it)."

    BTW, ERJ Angie, Anon, and Anna have all been fun diversions, but I think it's time to pry your ass off the couch and resolve the problem of infiltrators. It's become irritating. Exercise your managerial skills, we know you have them.



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