Saturday, December 24, 2022

The Iggle has Landed

Southern Belle and I departed from the portals of our castle at 8:00PM local time last night.

The usual drive-time is 1:35.

Two hours later we pulled into the short-term parking at Detroit Metro Airport. The "pick-up" line was stacked three-lanes deep for a quarter-mile leading up to the doors of the terminal.

Southern Belle and I hung out in baggage claim to await further developments.

I must confess that it gave me great joy to (quietly) mock my fellow travelers. You could tell who wore organic, unbleached cotton, the newly-minted couples (who walked in perfect synchronicity) and the Homer Simpsons (Hmmm! Donuts!) and the Karens. There are reasons that Mrs ERJ does not take me out in public.

Many passengers milling about waiting for luggage, some had been waiting for over four hours. In one case the plane was packed and pulling away from the terminal when a sensor showed the luggage door was open. Since the plane was to be pressurized and a door popping open at-elevation would be undesirable, the plane turned around and unloaded passengers. It was speculated that ice may have been involved in both the door not closing and then ground-support not being able to open the doors to extract the luggage.

Handsome Hombre's plane from Miami landed at the appointed time but was parked on the tarmac for an hour before passengers were allowed to de-plane.

Handsome Hombre had a pillow and a carry-on backpack.

We hit the head and then Southern Belle drove us home. It took two-and-a-half-hours. I-94 was clean east of Jackson, Michigan. M-50 had intermittent white-outs with drifts (and the white-outs) downwind of open fields. Driving at-speed into a white-out is WAY too exciting because just as sure as sh!t you will run into drifts.

Mrs ERJ's minivan has killer tires on all four corners. They are not very good for road-whine but they rock in snowy conditions. This ain't our first rodeo.


  1. So glad H_H made it there safely ERJ. I followed the abysmal record of flight cancellations and delays - The Ravishing Mrs. TB and Nighean Bhan had returned from the Near Aboard on Wednesday, which seems to be the last day that flights schedules were more or less intact.

    I, too, am often not brought out in public...

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  3. Might be your last Rodeo . . .Just sayin'

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  5. My wifey hit a drift yesterday morning and busted a significant chunk of the front end of her minivan clean off.

  6. Fit for neither man nor beast. Happy to wait it out.

  7. Given the global government's goal of reducing common peoples' mobility, Euro-WEFers restricting air travel, the enviro's condemnation of air travel except for themselves and the ultra-wealthy, and the general decline of civil aviation customer civility, I suspect airline stocks are doomed to collapse in the next decade or so.
    The same will be true of automobile companies, as they try to stay trendy and transition to EV's that are doomed to failure on basic technical analysis of material requirements and energy availability, though it will take longer.


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