Thursday, December 15, 2022

"Dad, they are from Cuba..."

Yesterday, sitting in a local hub of diversity with Southern Belle I watched a family attempt to communicate with a receptionist. It was not going well.

Southern Belle told me "They are from Cuba."

She handed me Quicksilver, jumped up and helped the family from Cuba (yes, she nailed it) sort through the complications with the receptionist.

Living in Miami, Southern Belle gets to hear versions of Spanish from Argentina-to-Los Angeles and Madrid-to-Lima. She also identified Haitian families as they walked past.

And Southern Belle had been lamenting Lansing's lack of diversity relative to Miami-Dade.

Winterizing the hunting-lease

The other big event yesterday was that I winterized the hunting-lease.

My hands were very cold by the time I was done.


  1. Maybe get her interpretation certificate and freelance courts, SS, medical etc.

  2. When I lived in a major city, I often went to the HUGE swapmeet. I remember standing in one place and hearing various dialects of Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Viet Namise, a couple of middle eastern languages and Tagola.
    Everyone was dealing in cash, transactions large and small flowing.
    Later in life I found most of them were on numerous taxpayer funded systems, living on the tax dollars of others and supplementing with open markets.
    Kinda depressing.

  3. Kudos to her for stepping up and helping out!

  4. Helping invaders feel at home is no way to reshore production.

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  6. I'm sure Lansing has enough diversity and doesn't need any more!


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