Sunday, December 18, 2022

Dis and dat

 Yesterday, Mrs ERJ and I walked one of the potential 5k runs. The course was very flat and should be fast. That compares to my local 5k which has about 175 feet of vertical climb (total). That is still pretty flat by the standards of Kentucky and Tennessee.

The surface was icy, so I did not run. We simply walked it.

Southern Belle has another cold

Drat. She showed up with a cold in the middle of last month and now has another one.

Mrs ERJ and I both have a tickle in our throats but so far it is not a big deal.

Quicksilver seems far.

QS is growing by leaps-and-bounds. She seems so much more mature and capable than when she showed up in November.


The microflora/fauna in my gut is adapting to the diet with more vegetables in it. They seem to be thriving. The good news is that I would float like a ping-pong ball if I fell into the water.

Bar oil

I am looking for a good deal on oil for chainsaw bars. Last week I saw some for $6.99 a gallon and didn't buy five gallons. Now the price is $8.99 a gallon. 

God bless the internet...I just found a place that is closer that has it for $8.00 a gallon.

Olivet Future Farmers of America

Congratulations to Olivet (Michigan) Future Farmers of America.

Their team placed 8th Nationally at the 95tth National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.

Individually, Emma Kelenske placed 8th, Thela Priesman placed 28th, Caleb Owen placed 29th and Emmalie Letts received a bronze.

Weather blowing in

The group Three Dog Night was named for the very cold nights when you invited three dogs into your bed to keep you warm.

It looks like the Great Plains will get hammered with severe, winter-weather later this week. Single digit temperatures in Texas with 45 mph gusts are predicted for much of Texas on Thursday and Friday. Blizzard conditions in much of Missouri.

Make a plan. Fill in the holes in your preps. Hooded sweatshirts, sleeping bags and M&Ms are your friends. Cover up all of your bare skin. Heck, if it gets really bad then cuddle up with the family pooch. Scratching flea bites all night generates heat.


  1. Take the toddlers to bed with the adults and let the others pair up together. You could pitch a small tent on the bed to help hold heat. The Icelandic sagas talk about “shut beds” which were sleeping cabinets, and no one slept alone. I have read that the US Calvary tended to have sleeping buddies on the plains in winter to share blankets and body heat!

  2. Bar oil is neat sae30 with a good marketing strategy. Low pressure environment, working life measured in milliseconds on parts with a service life in the tens of hours.
    Any old (scrap!) oil here ...

    Just a little east of Paris...

    1. There is some mighty fine walleye fishing just east of Paris.

    2. You know, I've often wondered about the marketing folks at Lucasoil products.
      When I worked at the tree company, used and filtered motor oil from the trucks was our bar oil. Asked one time about maybe mixing it in with the rotella pulled out of the trucks? He just scoffed, at the rate I go through it?
      I buy mine in 1 gal jugs at Rural King os TSC. That crap from the cars does wonders on my brush pile.

  3. ERJ, it has been a rough year here as well for colds. Nighean Dhonn has managed to have not one but two so far in December. Hopefully Southern Belle recovers soon and it becomes nothing more than a tickle.

  4. I've never got oil from a bar. Maybe Dan'l Boone could.

  5. Something told me bar oil was investable a few years back so I have it stacked up in every nook and cranny here on the farm . Most of it was under $5 a gallon at TSC .

  6. Was watching Homestead Rescue and this father, son and daughter go help homesteaders. Vegan's homesteaders this time and the father wanted some bar oil. The vegan made him use corn oil. The kind you fry chicken in. He said it worked great.

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