Thursday, December 8, 2022

ERJ: Thursday Thoughts on poop

Horses run like the wind, wild and free.

Horses like carrots

Carrots are orange

Babies who eat carrots have poop that runs like the wind, wild and free, and is orange.

Poop from peas is green and stiff.

Poop from a combination of peas and carrots is brown and is just-right.

I always suspected that older people discussed poop in great detail. I didn't know it would be about our grandchildren's poop.


  1. ERJ, I believe this is the conclusion that TB The Elder came to as well.

  2. Lol, since gaining years on this old chassis, I've swapped potato chips for trisquits. Tell the kids they're my shit bisquits. Youngest tried some one time, hey these are good, ate the whole box!
    Now he knows why I call them that!

  3. Rather missing the Clayton and Krystal series now...

  4. Hey, feeding a baby one without the other leads to bad things happening. Carrots without peas means overflowing diapers, with a side of diaper rash. Peas without carrots means a constipated baby, screaming in pain. You quickly learn to always pair them up.

  5. I run like the winded.

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