Sunday, June 12, 2022

Well, that was embarrassing.

What we had here was a failure to communicate

The plan was for me to send Mrs ERJ a text at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM "All quiet on the Northern Front".

At some point in the last 24 hours my phone disconnected from WIFI and went into stealth mode. I thought I was sending texts but they were going into "Queue".

Mrs ERJ was concerned by 7:00 PM when I had not returned any of her texts. She made a few calls and found out that I had been health, if not wise, at 11:00 AM so that implied a technical issue or galloping senility.

Mrs ERJ tried Sprite. She was at her lake house in Montcalm County. She texted and tried calling and the both bounced off.

Then Mrs ERJ tried another neighbor. He was also out of town.

Then she called my sister, the one who had seen me hale and healthy at 11:00 and Sis volunteered to drive out to Eaton Rapids to lay eyes on me.

That is about when I noticed that I had a bunch of messages I had "sent out" and nobody had replied. No bars. Hmmmm! Something was not right.

The story had a happy ending. Sis and Shotgun took me out for ice cream at Moo-ville.

"Firsts" for yesterday

First time I put on long pants since I got hit.

First time I put on a running shoe (non-injured side)

First time I went into a crawl-space to hook up plumbing and turn on water for the vacation season which was the reason for the long pants and shoe.

First time I was able to get out of the crawl-space. I was able to haul myself out but there was "back-up" hovering by the access hole in case I needed a boost.

First time I assembled a weed-whacker (string-trimmer) and used it. I also got that sucker started on my own, too. I tried hoeing the potato patch earlier this week and it banged up my left hand. I figured I could scalp the weeds with the weed-whacker and hand-pull the weeds between the plants. Preliminary results look promising.

First time I started the push mower. And yes, I did push it a few feet.

I did not spend much time outside. I am supposed to stay out of the sun. The weed-whacker and mower were more along the lines of proof-of-concept rather than production volume.

Armed-wingman when carrying cash

I gave some thought to the armed-wingman and anybody who is willing to shoot one person for $15K probably would not have any problem finding a buddy who would be willing to take out the wingman from his blindside. It is their turf, after all and they know you are coming.

The primary would probably have to give his buddy a few $K but the economics don't change that much for him.

The best advice so far has been "If it looks the least bit sketchy, just keep driving".

Bonus Images

Guilty as charged. Plaid goes equally well with everything.

You might be over sixty if the first thing you notice is that she is pouring the oil into the coolant reservoir.

Part of what makes this meme memorable is the restrained composition. It is very sparse and drained of color except...well, you know.


  1. I put the puking meme in my folder . Good one . Don't forget to take some quality probiotics after the antibiotic regimen. Got to restore the gut bacteria . AFTER the regimen ! Not during !

  2. RE: Scheduled texting as Proof of Life; useful technique, esp. among the older and alone. But...subject to technical failures as you have discovered. If you have a second phone, a cheap POS is fine, text that number as well.

    Lacking that, a (similarly scheduled, say, within an hour) single character acknowledgement from the recipient will confirm both receipt of your text and Proof of Life from the recipient; knowing your equally-aged recipient is alive and cogent is useful info, and working through the alphabet daily also confirms minimum cognitive ability.


  3. I'll admit to seeing the oil going into the coolant after noting the tattoos and red flagging that gal. The incorrect fluid addition added another red flag and moved her to 'never, no way, no how'.

  4. Small steps are good, and yes, technology CAN bite one in the butt...

  5. I'm over 78. I didnt even notice the oil until you mentioned it.'

  6. looks like she was rode hard and put up wet, repeatedly
    is that apple juice?