Saturday, June 11, 2022

God is good. People are crazy.

While the world news is an absolute trainwreck, the news from around the homestead is rosy.

Mrs ERJ bought her return plane ticket. No details will be given for Op-sec reasons but I expect her back on the property in about a week.

This is great news for a couple of reasons. First it is because the new addition to the family is doing well and Southern Belle and Handsome Hombre got their groove back. The other great news is I get my sweetheart back.

Comfort and mobility took a quantum leap over the last few days. The orchard grass is done pollinating. The flexibility is returning to my left leg.

I had a sudden flare-up of a secondary infection. I took pictures and sent them via email to the doctor. I got a phone call 90 minutes later and I was scheduled for a doctor's visit and saw them before the end of the business day. Based on the antibiotic I am currently on they prescribed a second antibiotic that is complementary with regard to the classes of bacteria it is effective on. 

The new AB comes with the instructions to drink more and stay out of the sun.

New car

My oldest son bought his dream car. I expect the S-10 to return to the fleet.

He called me up telling about finding this vehicle in Chicago and the owner would only sell for cash. My hindmost orifice clenched when he told me he intended to drive to Illinois with $15k in his pocket...and then he asked did I want to go along?

No, I did not. I suggested that he read any one of a dozen FAQs at places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and the like. It has been a while since I read them but they had advice like perform the transaction in a public space where there are lots of security cameras. The lobby of the bank used by the seller may have been one suggestion.

I don't have many details about the transaction beyond the amount, the city and the fact that oldest son was sleep deprived.

My brother from Grand Rapids

My brother in Grand Rapids works stupid-crazy shifts. One week he will be working midnights. The next week will be half second shift and half day shift.

Thursday he came and mowed my grass with his push mower. He left GR at 12:30 PM, started mowing at 2 and knocked off at about 8:30 PM, drove back to GR for a shower and then into work for the midnight shift.

Thank-you brother.

World news wrap-up

A pro-abortion protestor rushed Biden's motorcade with a megaphone in her hand. Presumably, one could fabricate a reasonable facsimile of a megaphone with two pounds of C4 and some spray paint. It would even be a shaped charge. Security removed her from the road. She resisted arrest and said bad words.

A pro-abortion group issued a secular fatāwā against Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett's children.

The left seems to have no problem finding actors who are totally unhinged and detached from what most of us perceive as reality.

And I keep expecting to read a headline that starts out "Aspiring rapper Joe Biden...."  or something that continues along the trajectory that those headlines always go.

And lest anybody be tempted to call me homophobic, let me contribute something in recognition of "Pride Month"

 Stay away from crowds.


  1. Sadly cash transactions of any size are rife with risk these days. If not from unscrupulous pseudo sellers than from the gendarmes who commit Theft Under Color Of Authority using the insanity they call "civil asset forfeiture". Not sure which group of criminals pose the greater risk.

  2. Sorry, never ever going to Chi congo again.

    Cash only?

    Not a problem for me, but i buy cars armed with an armed wingman, and i drive away from sketchy situations.

    I understand car lust, but you need to at least have the conversation


  3. I don't remember if I ever told you this or not so here goes . My little brother got hit head on by a meth head passing on a hilltop . Leg was twisted around the steering wheel . Multiple severe fractures . They doctored him with antibiotics for 7 years but a couple of the wounds would not heal and finally his doc told him the leg has to come off . He said f-u and went looking for another doctor. He went to OSU in Columbus and found a recently graduated intern . That young doc gave Phil a bottle of organic raw local honey and a small paint brush . Told Phil to paint the festering wounds morning and evening and come back in two weeks . In two weeks time all the wounds were healed over and progressing nicely . Phil still has his leg and that young doctor is now middle aged .

  4. A sad story about meeting someone with cash to buy a vehicle.

    A few years back, my wife's nephew was in Memphis. He had just spent the better part of a year hitchhiking around the country and arrived in that Mississippi river town. After scouring the want ads, he found a vehicle he could afford and made arrangements to meet at his motel room to finish the deal.

    We don't know how much cash was involved, just that the maid found the nephew with a single gunshot wound to the back of his head.

    I've been settling my brother's estate and had to sell several of the extra vehicles. They were all in various types of disrepair. So buyers had to meet me at his property out in the boonies. I never went without my pistol and an extra magazine.

  5. We have a couple parking spaces at the local PD marked for Craigslist use only. Under surveillance, right out front. I've done the parking lot thing before, but like others, Old Ugly was close to hand and it's was as fast as a drug deal. No dallying around.

  6. $15,000 cash transaction in CHIRAQ is just asking for trouble, even if it's done in a police parking lot. I've seen a few videos where people get shot just walking out of the PD and the police do nothing to pursue.

    The bank advice is sound and police might actually respond if there is an incident there, on-site security may opt to be present too. (I'm filing this location away in my mental databases, although small country town banks don't usually have an armed guard.)

    One thing that I personally look for before making cash transactions is if the person has a lot to lose by committing a crime and it's in their interest to play nice. Someone that is well to do with oodles of land and knows I and a few others have my pocket snitches beaming up location data will be less inclined to swipe the cash and run. Checking it on google earth to ensure it's an up-class area or college town is also good. Having an armed wingman (or two) also helps.

    Digital artwork sales are the same and people with established characters (fictional) and reputation in the communities are unlikely to pull a charge-back or smudge their good names.

  7. My my. Your four flag gay pride design does not go well with the history of the symbol generated by the flags since the previous historical users had a terminal program for those who would be priders. Just saying.


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