Saturday, June 4, 2022

High Protein Nutritional Shakes


Before Mrs ERJ left for Miami, she had me try out three different flavors of a heavily advertised "High Protein Nutritional Shake". I liked the chocolate best.

She bought a case for me to consume while she was in Miami. She didn't want me getting puny while she was gone.

Kubota sampled one of the shakes and he opined "You know, this would taste just like Girl Scout cookies if we added a splash of peppermint flavoring."

The next time he came over, he brought some peppermint flavoring.

Darned if that boy doesn't have some good ideas every once in a while.


  1. I had to click the pic to understand. I like your flavoring!

  2. Peppermint schnapps? When I ran the back of the house in a restaurant (small, but 5 star according to L'Osservatori Romani), the owner lived on those things. He was 6'3", weighed all of 180 pounds. You would think that running a busy Italian restaurant he would be doing quality control, but it was like half a crust into the sauce, and JUDGEMENT! ('Oversalted! 2 diced potatoes in a steamer basket, STAT! Tablespoon more minced garlic! Juice of 1/2 lemon!) MoFo was skinny as a rail.

  3. Long time reader, first time commentator...

    I have been weight lifting, and searching for more protein (goal is lots, 1g protein for every lb body weight). Not saying this is for you BUT there are a wide variety of bulk protein powders you can mix with milk to achieve a high protein shake... and they often are less expensive and tastier.

    My favorite is ProJym (see - this product is 50 servings at $66 a tub. That gives you 24g of protein; mix with 12oz of skim milk to make a shake adds another 11g protein so your shake is 34g of protein.

    I think this approach is better protein for less money; I see a 30 pack of Ensure at Costco for $50; this is 50 servings at $66 plus the cost of milk which you are already buying I expect...

    You have to ignore the 'RRRRaaaaaaaagggggggeeeeeee' muscle head marketing at times but the protein supplements are widely varied - chocolate, vanilla, lots of other variations. Could be an approach for you.


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