Friday, June 10, 2022

Trial by Primetime Television

If the facts are on the Democrat's side, then why are they trying the case in the court of public opinion? Doesn't that poison the possibility of due process if there are other, as yet untried participants?

The Democrats packaged the activity January 6th as an insurrection. My memory of the event is that most of the participants wanted to slow the rush to inaugurate Biden. They were calling for due-diligence to be exercised before Biden was sworn in. Refusal to entertain those requests and the headlong rush to install Biden was the true coup.

A skilled TV crew has the technology to go back to historic events and air-brush the facts and footage to make it look like it was done by space aliens, big-foot or mermaids. Take your pick.


  1. All sides (theres more than 2?) make use of propaganda. The demons are actually better at using it than our team. Even if they can't meme.

  2. IDK about others, but I'm just so tired of SEEING the obvious and being unable to get people to see. It's obvious to me that the trajectory of the country will not be changed. Trump Showed America what Could be, but somehow Mean Tweets cancelled all of the positive changes. We've all seen the change from democrat to Republican and seen no appreciable change in the direction of the nation. Trump changed that. And the backlash has been a full court press on reason, freedom and everything America was built on.

  3. ERJ, the fact that a professional producer was hired to choreograph this is, to me, very telling. The fact that this does not seem obvious or alarming to folks suggests we may be reaching the point of curtain call.

  4. Heinlein was a prophet.


    "The Crazy Years".

  5. Yep, "The Crazy Years"... No balance last night, highly edited, nothing new.

  6. There's nothing they could have shown or said last night that would change my mind about what happened and what is happening.

    Heck, the J6 Committee isn't even a valid committee, since Pelosi refused to follow the rules when establishing it. Just another Democrat Star Chamber. Everyone participating in it should be shackled and frog-walked from DC to Leavenworth.

  7. The criminal commie left committed the Crime Of The Century when they stole the election in 2020. They got away with it because of their accomplices....the media.

    1. Yessir.
      Now they are adjusting history (ala Huxley), and cementing their version of the facts into the media and collective history.
      ...and just like that, we were always at war with East Asia.

  8. I, and many others, haven't watched TV in years, Especially the major networks... They are preaching almost exclusively to their current followers, not those they need to convince!


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