Thursday, June 9, 2022

The calves are on Sprite's pasture

It was tough being the coach. Usually I am the guy on the field.

We had a ton of help. Belladonna carried the bucket with the corn. The original plan was for Sprite to do that but she is so petite she disappeared into the tall grass and there were concerns about her getting run over by the cattle.

A couple of new neighbors were parked in a gap in the perimeter fence to keep them away from the opening. These look to be some pretty good neighbors.

One of my nephews walked with Bella to ensure the cattle did run over her.

Sprite pressured the poopy-head from the rear. The poopy-head is the runt and the other three calves bully her. I will put some grain on the ground for them to eat and the three will bat the runt away with their heads. So she is afraid to get too close to them when there is grain being offered...which is exactly what we were using to entice the critters to their new digs.

I got the fence energizer moved over and latched up to the new ground. There is still a hard short somewhere but those are a bugger to find and I am not very mobile.

I give the team a 92% in the move. They followed directions. They went slowly and didn't spook the cattle. Everything is much, much easier when the cattle are not stressed. Not faster. Easier.

Tomorrow I get to start looking for the short.


  1. Sounds like a super successful move: everyone got where they needed to go, no-one was injured.

  2. Good job by all. When it gets dark take your most powerful rifle scope and slowly look around the fence line. You might see the short. It has worked for me many times.--ken

  3. They make walkers with larger (6") off road tires. Heck, you could prolly buy a set at TSC or such and attach it to a normal one! I see a blog post!


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