Thursday, June 30, 2022

Doctor visit update

The bone-doc gave me the OK for physical therapy.

No activities that involve impacts (no running, jumping, plyometrics or dancing at weddings) with emphasis on flexibility, strength, balance and pain-management techniques.

I have the go-ahead to walk without the boot. She suggests that I start with shorter distances or times and work my way up.

She gave me the go-ahead to do squats and dead-lifts as long as I started with body-weight (no added weight) and did sessions/sets/reps until my left calf could support good form. Then add about ten pounds. Lather, rinse, repeat. 

If I am outside the house and have some time, I think I can simply center my body-weight between my two feet and lift myself up on the balls of both feet. I did this a few times today and forty reps is about what I can do. Part of what I see is that my nerves are educable-mentally-impaired. They can fire but too slowly (for now) to assist with balance/walking.

My first PT therapy is a week from today. In the interim, the doc told me I could walk, stretch and use elastic band exercises.

Yes, I can push a lawn mower as long as I don't step into any holes while doing it.

Yes, she thought compression socks on my injured side is a good idea. Swelling can become self-perpetuating. It limits range-of-motion and pushing that limit can aggravate it.

Her verbal commentary about the X-rays was that my bones are healing as well as can be expected. The top is healing very well and so are most of the breaks on the front of the tibia. Callous formation on the back of the tibia is less impressive but visible. There is a ribbon of callous spanning between the two broken ends of the fibia. There are no dry/uncalloused breaks.

Pretty much great news all the way around. Especially the part about not dancing at weddings.


  1. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Now take it easy!

  2. Weddings?
    At our age it seems to be mostly wakes......

  3. Excellent news! Try the heal raises on a 2x6 scrap. a little more range. Roger

  4. Congratulations on your diagnosis. It sounds like you are mending nicely. Bet it feels great to have the restrictions removed. I remember years back having a 10 lb limit on weights I could left for six weeks. Longest six weeks of my life, still healing and having to NOT do what I was conditioned to do.

    Have a great 4th of July.

    1. I assume you had a block-and-tackle installed above the toilet so you could shake the dew off your lily while still honoring your 10 pound lifting restriction.

  5. Congratulations, very happy to read your good news. Like many things, good PT is slow and steady. Don’t over do things. Good healing!

  6. That is great news ERJ, both the healing and the ability to start exercising again. To Roger's point, a heel raise on a secure sturdy surface - I use the concrete step on the porch - really increase the range of motion.

  7. Good news. Stay on plan, no more, no less. I get to be Gerry the Grouchy Physical Therapist Understudy for my wife. She likes the regular PT's much better.