Saturday, June 18, 2022

The price off heating oil

Approximately 4 million households in the Northeast, a bastion of strong, life-long Democrats, heat with oil.

Word from the farmers is that they cannot buy "contracts" at any price for fall delivery. That causes great concern with regard to crops that will be left in the field because harvesting equipment lacks fuel.

One farmer in Ohio said that her suppliers said prices for off-road diesel (no road taxes) could easily hit $9 or $10 a gallon. And they still refuse to let her lock-in at that price...because there is so much volatility that it could shoot way above that in the spot market.

Off-road diesel is virtually identical to heating oil. Imagine those staunch, Blue voters calling up the oil-delivery service and ordering a couple of hundred gallons on October 15. Suppose they are told they must pay before delivery and it will be $2000. A modest home might require three such deliveries to make it through the heating season.

I think that might qualify as a significant emotional event.

Natural gas prices are not looking all that great, either.


The Iggle has Landed

Mrs ERJ is back home. Her flight was cancelled so she ended up flying into a different city at a later time. Construction was frustrating. We kept getting pushed onto freeways that led away from home.

My leg is getting better. I caught myself putting my zip-up walking cast on the wrong foot. That is the first time that has happened.

The visiting nurse suggested that I use a cane as a transition to unsupported walking. She said that walking with a cane has a more natural gate than the two-handed walker. It is also faster. I clocked myself at 3.5 feet per second.


  1. The problem with the fuel-scare stories is that we are missing information. Why is there a shortage? We have back-stories about pipeline cancellations, about Federal Lease cancellations and no new auctions, and so on. But these do not explain the shortages - new projects founded those things take at least 5 years to come on line. What's driving the shortage? Is it refinery capacity? Is it natural decline in production? Is it a dramatic increase in consumption? We should all find it interesting, maybe disturbing, that there is no expertise coming forward to explain it to us - not even the opposition leadership.

    1. its about punishment.
      and transition to the "great" reset.
      which isn't so great if your a member of the peasant/kulak/prole class.

      "you will own nothing and you will be happy"

    2. The short answer is EROEI, exacerbated by the push towards green technologies which are not exactly... green.

  2. The Northeast is seeing their prices rise more quickly than any place outside of California because they lack refining capability and counted on importing foreign distillate. With Russia/Ukraine starving Europe, Europe is bidding for the distillate stocks that would normally flow to the NE US and their inventory is in free-fall..


  4. If it truly comes to that in Winter, that is right before an election. Unfortunate timing for someone...

  5. 3.5 feet per second - you're pushing along at 2.4 mph!

  6. I fill my propane tank every summer, cheaper rates than in winter.
    Paid $3/gal in EastTN. Last year was $1.99/gal. Just a 50% increase, nothing to see here.


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