Saturday, June 4, 2022

Using Google for "Research"


Google images. Top hit for "urban family". Images collected at 7:00 EST on June 4, 2022

Google images. Top hit for suburban family.

Google images. Top hit for rural family.

Google images. Top hit for Hispanic family.

Google images. Top hit for Black family.

Google images. Top hit for White family

Hey, wait a minute....

Google images. Top FOUR hits for White family.

Disclosure: The ERJ family is a mixed race family. It just happened that way.

But it is just plain wrong to insist that "white family" is something other than primarily or all Caucasian. It is like demanding that Pi = 3. It is counter to observable, measurable facts.


  1. You will change your beliefs. We will show you how by removing your choices.

  2. As FDR stated "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

    This is NOT an accident. The marginalization of whites is deliberate, part of the planned campaign to destroy white culture and then white people.

  3. Yep.
    But replacement theory is a conspiracy wing nut creation.
    Alas, what to do? Write your representative a strongly worded letter?

    At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, some of your readers probably already understand this, but, we're not going to vote ourselves back to normal. Gotta grok that, and fast, things are moving at quite a pace, aren't they?

  4. At the risk of sounding like me, everyone does recognize that just like Smith or Jones the White family is a proper name.

  5. I think America is losing our national sense of humor . That example of a "rural family" reminds me of the Netflix series " My Name Is Earl" . It was a critique of trailer trash and probably one of the funniest shows I have ever seen . But sadly the outcry over the blatant white trash model caused quite an uproar and of course Netflix cancelled it after four seasons . You tube has it on pay for view and a few clips now and then.

  6. "It is counter to observable, measurable facts."

    There you go with your rational thinking again. Facts are generally inconvenient things when you are building a narrative. That makes them irrelevant.
    If we tell you that white is black often enough, not only will you will believe it, you will fight those who don't. That is why we now have an entire month to "celebrate" that sodomy is normal.
    First you must tolerate it. Then you must believe it. Then you must celebrate it. The Nazi's were the proof of concept model. The U.S. Government is the production run.

    1. I'd wager you haven't read Mein Kampf, have you? Try the Ford translation - it has fewer big words.

  7. "It is counter to observable, measurable facts." there (US, what? 13%), guess how counter it is here (UK, <2% of the population) yet based on every commercial, TV show and film would you would think we're >50% black (not to mention majority gay).

    The thing is these commercials etc. aren't targetted at 'us' they're targetted at the naive, impressionable, crowd/fashion following ... young white girls ... who predictably are throwing themselves at any 'ethnic' they can find (Hint: the reason that no white British men lined up to defend in Rotherham et al, despite the fact there really aren't many white people left there, is that for years/decades all those white young girls/women have not just been ignoring, but attacking and demeaning those white men. Now tell me 'you'd' risk guaranteed prison to defend someone who despises you).

    None of this will end well, and 'hilariously' (in reality, tragically) this will be the one real instance that, most used/abused claim, is true. It really will be "women worst hit/suffer most" (and they deserve to get exactly what they chose, and voted for en masse, good and hard).


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