Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Watermelon update


The grafts are still looking perky after 24 hours. I am stunned. Since cleft grafting seems to work as well as splice, it would be easy to automate a cutter with a "V" groove and a razor blade that guillotines into the center of the squash stem. Sort of like a pill splitter.

I added a 5000K light to the red light and covered it back over with the plastic.

Look who came to the party

The Wilson Sweet seeds finally decided to make an appearance. They may be slow but they certainly are uniform. They all showed up this morning.

I will not try to graft any of these on top of squash roots but will move them to the garden in a day or two.

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  1. There's a tool called "The Chopper." It's intended for scale modelers who need to cut small wood or plastic strips to a precise angle. It has a hinged lever arm that accepts standard single edge blades; the depth and angle of the cut can be set and replicated over'n'over'n'over. Might be a starting point, or a conceptual starting point at least.

    The company that makes them may be going out of business but they are widely available.


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