Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Little victories


I don't know how much longer I will be using the walker, but its utility is increased by sliding a board across the two horizontals beneath the grab-handles.

15-ish Happy-Rich cut-and-come-again broccoli.

Most broccoli varieties are selected for commercial growers and they ripen all at once and then are done. That is fine if you are processing and intend to freeze a bunch of it. Cut-and-come-again varieties are the cat's meow for picking two or three times a week to have something to add to your nightly meal.

Hot-starting some watermelon seeds. Temperatures outside are cool so I am germinating my watermelon seeds in the oven with the light on. This is where I put bread-dough to rise so I know the temps cannot be too high.

I may give grafting some of these melons a whack.

My first foray into the basement to run some laundry.

I didn't need the extra length to lower the walker. It was sufficient to tie off one end of a ratchet strap to the back of a dining room chair and lower the walker.

I can hold the rail as I single-step down the stairs. Once at the bottom I unhook the walker, unfold it and go about my business. The process is reversed for going up the stairs.


Grass pollen is high and it is beating me up. I am spending a lot of time inside.

It is even impacting the dog. He retched up a pool of mucus last night.

God willing, the Orchard Grass will be mostly done in two or three more days.


  1. ERJ: How odd to think there is a place in the US in June where broccoli can be grown and watermelon seeds warm started because it is too cool outside. Truly, climate is an amazing thing.

    1. 61F at 9:00 AM

      We did briefly kiss 90F a week or two ago but those temperatures moderated.

    2. Come visit Alaska or Montana - although Montana DOES get some heat during fire season. My two months of purgatory and tomato growing.

  2. Do you have an old bicycle basket kicking around that you could stick on the walker>?

    1. That is a great idea. Thanks. I will look around.

  3. How much longer before the Doc lets you start bearing weight without the walker/cane/etc?

    1. To be determined.

      I visited the doc today and they took X-rays. I have another appointment in about three weeks.

      They want me to push harder on the range-of-motion exercises.

  4. Good news, and don't push too hard. Don't need to damage the injury site again.

  5. Little victories win the war.--ken


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