Friday, June 3, 2022

A true story in honor of National Donut Day

I had a boss named Gary. In 2004 Gary's doctor told Gary he had to lose weight or he was going to die.

It was the worst possible fate for my boss who lived to inhale donuts.

He manned up, went on a diet of salads and raw vegetables and went to the gym every day.

After a couple of months, Gary was spinning out of control. He was short tempered and given to fits of yelling at people.

Finally, one of my coworkers, one of the ones he had entrusted to help him through this period fessed up.

"Hey Gary" Davey said.

"What now" Gary demanded.

"You know how even though you are eating like a rabbit and exercising like an athlete and yet your waist keeps getting bigger?" Davey asked.

String of expletives from Gary.

"I gotta tell you, every couple of weeks or so, when you were in the shower I used these..." holding out a couple of tools in his hands " cut an inch off the end of your belt and to punch another hole in it" Davey said.

Sounds of Naval-quality cursing and things being thrown.


Isn't that similar to the inflation we are experiencing today?

The government continues to shut down the economy with restrictive Covid rules and EPA regulations. They slit the energy industry's throat by cancelling leases and yanking pipeline right-of-ways with Executive orders. They are shutting down legacy fossil fueled power plants because "climate".

High-end, extremely productive employees have their careers destroyed because they fail to address some self-important drones by their pronoun du jour. They are tossed in the street and the economy loses their future productivity. The government applauds.

The goverment is dumping huge amounts of liquidity into the economy via transfers and entitlements.

And then they blame Joe Lunchbucket for the high prices because we consume too much.

They are artificially making us look "fat" by cutting inches off our belt and we are loosing our zhit.

At least Davey was man enough to fess-up to Gary after he saw the joke was NOT funny.


  1. Controlled Economic Demolition of Western Capilatism.

  2. To "build back better", what already exists must first be destroyed. COVID1984 was just the first inning in an extra innings game that will see the entire global financial system reinvented between now and 2032.

  3. Snort... good joke though! :-)

  4. Inflation is a tax. A deliberate transfer of wealth from society at large to a small group of insiders who control things. It's NOT accidental or unintended. However the criminals who have been in power for oh so long have pushed things a wee bit too far and it's looking like there will be no recovery from this insanity. They know it and so does anyone paying attention who has the IQ of a soap bubble. So what do you do when the collapse is inevitable? Why you loot the treasury....because there's nothing left to do but shout "every man for himself". And that is exactly what those in power are doing. They are looting the treasury so that while the rest of us starve and suffer they can hole up in comfort.

  5. Every day the world bears more resemblance to Atlas Shrugged. Every. Freaking. Day.


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