Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Jack fell down and broke his...

Most dental practices are switching from conventional PFM crowns and moving towards the use of zirconia for creating fixed dental restorations. Because zirconia restorations possess excellent aesthetics and are virtually indestructible, zirconia is becoming the most popular material for fabricating dental restorations.  Source
I had a dental issue this weekend.

I assumed that I had fractured one of my molars. I called my dentist first thing Monday morning and they had an opening in the afternoon.

My dentist was astounded that I had split my zirconia-porcelain crown from stem-to-stern. It had split through the valley of the molar where the porcelain was 2.0mm thick. According to the supplier of the crowns, 1.0mm is good-to-go and this split was through an area that was twice that thick. As stated earlier, my dentist was astounded and had never seen this kind of failure.

He could not imagine any normal load that could cause such catastrophic failure and attributes it to the trauma of the traffic accident. Further, he advised me to contact the insurance carrier paying for damages incurred during the accident as he believes the cost of this dental work should be submitted to them.

He believes the two month delay between the accident and the outer-half of the crown detaching can be attributed to the cement holding the crown on the stub. It took that long, he believes, for the cement to work loose.

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Four raccoons underneath the sweet cherry tree. Mama 'coon was swallowing them seed-and-all.


  1. Yep, delayed filing, but do it!

  2. Even though I am a renowned animal lover and " touched by the Great Spirit" as Louis Bromfield termed it I have been killing coons by the dozens this year . Some kind of fecund manifestation occurring here in the Buckeye . I realize nobody is hunting them anymore but they are reaching biblical plague prooportions here. Last weekend I forgot to roll up the drivers side window in my old F250 and Mr Coon jumped up and in and tore my trash bag out for a couple McD's fries in the bottom and then he graced my seat with a turd before fleeing . I have set the live traps multiple times only to find my bait gone or one of my curious cats in it in the morning . Thankfully my old S&W 22A has been taking a toll on them and I stocked up on Federal .22LRhp's twenty years ago or so when the 525 round Value Pack was on sale at Sportsmans Den for 12 bucks . Yes ! 12 bucks for 525 rounds of 40 grain hollow points . Ahhh! The good old days .

  3. I dunno about crowns, but the epoxy fillings are well worth the extra cost. Mine held my cracked molar together well enough that I didn't need a root canal before getting my crown. my wife is wearing a gold crown that's 25 years old.


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