Monday, June 27, 2022

Outside my skill-set


An iconic chase scene from my young-adulthood
One of the difficulties of connecting with young-adults with the pro-life message is that our arguments cavitate because young-adults are desensitized and cannot identify with "the fetus".

Black pixels on a white screen will not engage them. The words of this blog will not trigger "Hey, that could have been me!" should any young-adult stumble into these pages.

Words talked at them by people who are not their peers will not do it, either.

A series of short video vignettes that are stitched together have a fighting chance of being successful if it intersects with pre-programmed scenes and messages. 

I propose that these short videos be "ads" placed with various video streaming services like Youtube.


Example of the protagonist. Hopefully, every young woman can identify with the radiant joy and boundless hope of being in a wedding.

Scene one: A chase scene that resembles a recently released movie. Suggested that the scene be "lifted" from a video game because they have great graphics and the target audience is comfortable with the look-and-feel. Protagonist a 10-to-12-year-old, African-American (A-As abort their pregnancies at 3X the base-rate) in a vestal virgin or baptismal outfit or flower-girl at wedding to imply total innocence.

If I were trying to sell my generation, I would use scenes that resemble iconic scenes from Indian Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark. When I am selling to 20 year-olds I would use scenes that resemble The Avengers series.

Duration about 1.5 seconds. Long enough for viewer to identify the situation.

Scene two: A surgical environment with key players positioned like the aggressors chasing the vestal virgin.

Duration about 0.5 seconds. It is OK if half the viewers do not consciously recognize the scene the first time they see it.

Scene three: Aggressors swinging swords and spiked clubs with the vestal virgin dancing away from the weapons. Mostly holding her own but due to confined space the aggressors are successful at inflicting wounds. Iconic sequence for young adults.

Duration 2 seconds. Building suspense

Scene four: Fetus attempting to withdraw from dilation and curettage surgical instruments.

Duration slightly less than 1 second.

Scene four: Vestal virgin breaks free from aggressors and makes a dash for the door, similar to Indiana Jones outrunning the boulder at the beginning of the series. The door or the exit to the cave is symbolic of the birth canal.

Duration 0.5 seconds.

Scene five: Scissors plunged into the back of a baby's skull.

Duration 0.25 seconds.


  1. I watch scifi shorts on YT. I saw this very scenario yesterday. It was so heartbreaking I quit watching. You nailed it exactly.

  2. I like the idea. Bill Whittle just posted about a similar idea as well. The content of the message does not matter if it isn’t being received, you have to find a way to communicate your message to your audience.
    Personally I am and always will be pro-choice because its not my place to tell someone else how to live and what to do. If we as a society will tolerate this procedure in our midst (aka not illegal), than it should be done safely as a medical practice.
    That being said, for me personally, I could never knowingly participate in that decision (to have one), and have felt that way since learning how an abortion is performed. Once you hear a description of the process, you cannot fathom that such evil exists among us that men and women would perform that procedure for money. I recently saw a montage where a narrator calmly and casually explains that the abortionist dismembers the fetus first, then will look for a white substance to ooze from the cervix, indicating the skull has been successfully crushed, and the parts can be removed. The white substance, he calmly explains, WAS the fetus' brains.
    These are sick, evil people.

  3. Would it be your place to tell a mother not to kill her newborn baby? If so, would it not be your right to tell an expectant mother not to kill her viable fetus? Society has an imperative interest to protect life.

    1. Yeah, I vascillate between it, but choose to leave the decision to others to make for themselves. My morals and feelings dictate one thing, theirs another. I hold hope when roles are reversed I am not forced to accept theirs (yyyeaah... lets not segue to THAT debate). I also consider the life of that child. Unwanted by its biological, at best adopted out... probably end up a democrat, anyways!


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