Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You know you are being lied to when.... hear these words.

That appears in the left sidebar over at The Woodpile Report.

Today, I will chat about a few of those entries.

You're about to be lied to when they say

a hand up...Only works if the recipients are reaching up with their own hands open.  But have you ever noticed how those people seldom seem to need "a hand up".  When was the last time you saw an appeal for Vietnamese Boat People?
a new study shows...Anything I want it to show.  Remember the bubbling cauldron of beef stew?  Any student capable of enrolling in a grad school is smart enough to "properly" vet the data so the "correct" conclusion will be supported.
a poll by the highly respected...Same notes as above.  Except I can skew the results even more based on how I pose the question.
a positive step...This is a cliche that attorneys, committee men and "advocates" trot out when attempting to put the best face on a cluster festival.
are speaking out...Usually enunciated by professional (paid) hucksters.  Of course they are speaking out.  "Speaking out" is the only thing they know how to do and they are being paid for it.  God help you if you ever expect them to do anything useful like fix your plumbing.
arguably...Law School teaches that any point can be argued.  "Hitler was a good man because he unswervingly followed his conscience.", "Beer makes you smarter by killing off the weak brain cells.", "An organization staffed with bureaucrats 600 miles a way can run your life better than you can."
at-risk communities...A rare, fine turn of phrase; three lies for the price of one.  Mitigation of risk (uncertainty) stands on three legs.  The stoutest leg is personal responsibility; I am always at risk of running out of gas but I mitigate that risk by filling my gas tank as soon as I notice it is more than half empty. That is a direct contradiction of the premise buried in the phrase...that risk mitigation is somehow a responsibility of the 'community'.
The second leg is association with like-minded people.  
The third leg is the prudent avoidance of high risk places/actions/people;  Matt 4:7
arsenal...It is disingenuous to carp about "at risk communities" and then vilify steps taken by members in or near those communities to empower themselves, to make themselves not-at-risk.  It strongly suggests that the liars require a class of people who willingly prostrate themselves into a state of permanent victimhood in order to support the liars' "narrative".


  1. All good ones Joe. Problem is 'kids' today are sound bite and word bite people... They NEVER look beyond the words/sounds to think about the 'real' meaning...

  2. I always notice the polls are only polling people who are of the same mind set as the person administering a poll, probably why the CNN polls are always so positive towards the Democrats.

  3. Hello OldNFO and Brigid:

    Orwell was a prophet.

    I am reminded of a short table in "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". The woman says, "We never go out to eat." the man responds, "We went out to eat last Wednesday." The observer deduces that the woman is in a position of low power and amplifies her message when she sends it so it will arrive with the correct volume after the man filters it.

    Unfortunately, it trains the high-power person to diminish or filter the low-power person's messages.


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