Friday, May 23, 2014

Three Felonies a Day (Follow-up)

I finally got Kubota and his friend to the shooting range.

There was only one other person shooting.  He must have liked kids.  He let us go "Range cold" and set up a variety of targets many, many times.

Kubota's friend is a very proficient shooter.  He took a shine to the Marlin 795.  They particularly enjoyed shooting at the shotgun shells and sending them flying.

Russ Nelson talked to the kids for about 15 minutes afterward.  I was able to give him a heads up about the knucklehead behavior that led to the trip to the shooting range.  He discussed felonies, the loss of freedoms if you are on parole, what that means for everybody else who shares your domicile, and the cost of attorneys.

If we (people who value the Second Amendment) don't "police" and guide our young shooters, then they will be "policed" in ways that will benefit nobody.

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