Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Regime Speak: O-through-R

You're about to be lied to when they say-

off our streets...It used to be called, "Go to school or else be unemployed and never have a girl friend."
on some level...The old, "parallel universe" strategy
our nation's children...How come I cannot send a bill to the government when my kid breaks a window?
outreach...Shilling to disempower people and cultivate their victimhood.  All for a bowl of pottage.
people of color (sometimes, colour)...oppressed minorities...poor and minorities...raising awareness...reaching out...See Outreach
poised to...Corruption of "supposed to", as in, "I am supposed to respect the Constitution" or "I am supposed to help widows and orphans."
positive outcome...Oh dear.  I wish they actually managed by outcomes.
potentially...Potentially, we are all Motzart, Luther Burbank and Mother Teresa.  In fact, we all fall woefully short.
progressive...Code for the inexorable collapse of Capitalism and the inevitable actualization of Marx's paradise.  See North Korea.
public/private partnership...The Greeks have a myth to explain what happens when you accept a "gift" from the devil: Persephone's seeds.
redouble our efforts... reaffirm our commitment to...Zero times anything is.....Class, does anybody know the answer?
root cause...It is excruciatingly difficult to look at a dynamic system and identify the Start point.  Most problem solvers suggest that one ask "Why?" at least five times before they entertain the illusion that they found a "root cause".  There is much valuable to look for deer gates and to think in TRIZ format rather than the over-simplified, linear "5 Why"/Root Cause paradigm.

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