Friday, May 30, 2014

Ambiguous Text??

I flatter myself to think that I am open minded.  One of my pet projects is allotment or community gardens.  Some community gardens are magnets for diversity.  One local garden has participants from about a half dozen countries.  I was surprised to learn (from the coordinator) that many of the participants had ZERO gardening skills when they came over here.  Many of them were displaced by civil wars....only some of which make CNN or FOX news...and grew up in refuge camps.  One of the dreams that sustained them was to think about planting gardens that would produce food to add flavor and texture to the UN nutri-swill (corn grits, soy flour, vegetable oil and salt).

Over time I have gotten myself signed up to various mailing lists.  I enjoy reading about the cliental and about the challenges of gardening in odd places.  This email originated in the American Southwest.  How do you read the text?

at Name Redacted Community Garden

This is our first potluck of the year.  They will again be held on the first Monday of each month.
Come bless the garden and celebrate spring with us

Please park on OUR SIDE of the street
No dog por favor!

Did the author intend that no dog should brought as a dish-to-pass or that no dogs should be brought as pets?

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