Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Regime Speak S-and-T

You're about to be lied to when they say-

sends a message...An action that truly sends a message does not need liner notes telling the audience what the message is
shared values...Ironic words coming from the most divisive Regime in American History.
social justice...Short-hand for, "I consider my constituent's feelings of entitlement (stoked, incidentally, by my rhetoric) to be valid reasons to steal the private property you sacrificed to hang onto."
solidarity with...In case you were wondering, es, I am still bought and paid-for by the Labor movement
stakeholders...Potential litigants.  If you were ever in a building built before 1965....you may be at risk....call 1-800-Call-Shyster
statistics show...Those words were never uttered by anybody who stayed awake in Statistics 101.  Statistics can be interpreted but they never "show".
sustainable, sustainability...Sustainability has never been achieved by destroying the means of production.  "Sustainability" is the banner used to justify the diversion of spoils to a key Regime power bloc.
the American People...I don't recall getting asked.  What "American People" is he referring to?
the bigger issue is...A way to avoid embarrassing specifics.the larger question is...the more important question is...the reality is...See "the bigger issue is..."
the struggle for...See Social Justice.
too many...too often...touched by... These are distraction words. Witchdoctors peddling magical thinking and pick-pockets both require distraction Interesting post HERE comparing fatalities due to fisticuffs and fatalities due to rifles.  Should we start amputating hands?  Of course not.  The real challenge is to figure out what they are attempting to distract the public from.

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