Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Peak Apple Blossom

Peak apple blossom hit Eaton Rapids on May 19, exactly one month after first pussy willow bloom.  Since it takes bees 21 day from the egg being laid to a flying adult, there was enough time (in theory) for the Salix discolor bloom to fuel a wave of bees for the apple bloom.

This is all theoretical.  They hive of bees that survived the winter rewarded me by swarming to parts unknown.

Edited on 5/22, Peak Apple Blossom coincided with peak moral mushroom and with peak Box Elder visibility.

Box Elder is a tree of very modest merit.  If it were the only tree that I could grow I am sure that I could wax lyrical about it and perhaps even name a county after it.  I am blessed to live in an equitable climate that supports many, many species of trees.

Box Elder leafs out earlier than most other species. There is about one week in the year when its presence leaps out at you.  That time of year, this past week, is the best time to go on Box Elder search-and-destroy missions.

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