Friday, May 16, 2014

Time for a short break

Hello Loyal Readers:

I will be taking a short break and intend to resume blogging on Monday.

I am getting cranky and need a change of routine.

You know you need a break when...

I received a package of elderberry plants in the mail.  I had been really looking forward to getting them.  The plants were well grown and very well packed.  The grower shipped me one plant each of Wyldewood, Bob Gordan (both very desirable cultivars) and one plant of Magnolia (which I had never heard of).  I got all cranked up because the nurseryman did not label which plant was which cultivar.

This is not a big deal to many people but it is to me.

I called him up to sort it out.  Perhaps there was some super, secret code or a number/letter stamped somewhere.


I was not polite to the business owner on the other end of the phone.  Since then I sent him an email apologizing.

Time for a break.

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