Thursday, May 22, 2014

Regime Speak E-through-H


You're about to be lied to when they say-
economically disadvantaged...Egyptians and Caucasian South Africans are from Africa but do not count as "African-Americans" in the United States.  "Economically Disadvantaged" is an artificial construct that allows certain people to be treated as an aggregate statistic when it is to there advantage (like Affirmative Action) yet still allows them to demand that they be treated as an individual when it is more advantageous.
embattled...General Custer was embattled.  He was stupid.  Embattled = Stupid
emerging consensus...Akin to "almost pregnant".  Pregnancy and consensus are binary conditions. They either are or they are not.  Note: "almost pregnant" is interpreted by some sub-populations as "targeted for rape."  That might also apply to "emerging consensus".
empower...We are empowered by God and by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.  "Empowering" somebody implies that the grantor usurped the recipient's rights in the first place.
enhance...Soap commercial boiler plate.

experts agree...Reference video shown above.
extremist...A principled person who does not believe in moral relativism and will not negotiate away that which cannot be negotiated.  See Saints.
fair share...Roll back the video to were Henny Penny is asking, "And who will help me plant the wheat, i.e., do their fair share?"
fiscal stimulus...A tax on people who delay gratification.  A tax on people who trust their government.  A tax on people who pack their own parachute and take care of their own.
fully funded...Prove it.
give back..."Giving" is a verb that implies it is done of the "giver's" free will.  Charity is "given".  "give back" in regime speak implies coercion and the threat of force.
giving voice to...Paid shill. 
greater diversity...And, pray tell, will the crew of Air Force One and the Secret Service escorts for the First Family also receive the benefits of "greater diversity"?
growing support for...Identical to "Emerging Consensus"  Speech writers alternate the two so make the speaker sound more intelligent.
gun violence...Guns are inanimate objects.  See notes on "commonsense solutions" in prior post.
hater...This card is usually pulled out when some astute observer in the audience calls attention to the magician's left hand.  The illusion of magic demands an audience that wants to believe that physical laws are optional and that the critical field-of-play is where the magician is directing their attention.  Magicians fear observant people and attempt to vilify them with words like "hater".
have issues...An admission of the obvious.  An attempt to salvage credibility.  "Yes, the Affordable Care Act has issues" (starting with its Orwellian name).
high capacity magazine...Coca Cola was originally sold in six ounce bottles. Today, a "medium" beverage at McDonalds is 21ounces.  Words like "small", "medium", "large", "high", "low" are meaningless.  Paraphrasing Mackey Sagebrush (and LEO in Idaho) at 24hourcampfire, "A standard capacity magazine means that the defensive shooter will be able to maintain un-interupted situational awareness for longer periods of time between reloads.  The defender is more likely to see the event through to the end without having to pull attention away from his wife and kids and the strategic positions of the aggressors.  A standard capacity magazine is bad for the bad guys and very, very good for everybody else."
history shows...History is the distillation of an abstraction of the documented memories of the victors.  "history shows" anything you want it to show.

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