Thursday, May 22, 2014

Regime Speak: B-through-D

This list is from The Woodpile know you are about to be lied to when you hear these words...

best practices...vary by circumstances.  Best practices when hypothermic are different than best practices for heat exhaustion.  Too often, the decisionmaker mentally edits the circumstances  and, surprise, "best practices" are what he was planning to do all along.
broader implications...You, personally, are screwed.  But take comfort that it was all in the name of the greater good.  Or perhaps in the name of the good of the people the decisionmaker are indebted to.
climate change...Fleas arguing about the elephant they are riding on.
collectively...You will lose your rights as an individual.  Code for 'communism'.
Commonsense solutions...The inescapable conclusion of a highly edited vignette. "9,900 Americans die in their bed every day.  Clearly, beds are the greatest cause of mortality to Americans.  The commonsense solution is to outlaw beds and to criminalize those who insist on owning one.
comprehensive reform...Bawahahaha.  You will never be able to go back because we vaporize the means to do so.
cycle of poverty...and...cycle of violence...But never cycle of dependency.  Wonder why?
demand action...Projection.  Events don't 'demand action'.  Actors demand action.  Actors who attribute the demand to the event are weasels who refuse to be accountable.   
disenfranchised...Retread of Marxism's "alienation".
disparate impact...and...disproportionately...But never a whisper of disproportionate sacrifice or disproportionate self-denial.
diverse backgrounds...But they all passed the same litmus test.

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divisive...One of the oldest tricks of running an empire is to bring the tensions across existing fault lines into an exquisite balance.  Then, vast masses can be controlled with very gentle tickles.  This ploy has at least two prices.  One is that it stokes the animosities across the fault lines (Muslim/Hindu/Sikh).  The other is that other groups can preempt the control of the boulder with very little effort.  Accusations of 'divisive' are disingenuous because it is a game the accuser is also playing.

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