Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I miss my truck

I miss my truck.

Roger Miller is one of my local, fruit growing friends.  He has given me many thousands of dollars of plants and trees.

He recently had one of his legs amputated below the knee.  He is also facing a whole slew of other health challenges.  I asked Alice, his wife, if there was anything I could do to help.

Alice said he was going to be laid up a while, and even though it is a big thing to ask, could I cut the grass?

They have five acres and it tears Roger up knowing that it is not being cut.

I recently purchased a Cub Cadet 1045 ride on lawn mower to keep Kubota off the street.  I have a fifteen year old who loves riding that tractor.  I do NOT have a way to move the tractor the 6 miles to Roger's house.  I really do not want to ride it on public roads.  It has a top speed of about three miles an hour, a major selling point with Mrs ERJ.

I have calls out to several of my friends but none of them have returned my call.  I think their phones have a " 'Needs to borrow truck' spam filter".

We will get the ride on mower there, somehow.  Looking on the positive side, the grass will be drier tomorrow than it is today.

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