Friday, May 30, 2014

Belladonna to Individual States for Discus and Shot Put

Tomorrow Belladonna and Mrs ERJ go to the Michigan Division II, Individual meet in Ada, Michigan.

Belladonna is seeded in the top eight for discus (eight medals handed out) and has high hopes.  The seed is based on the distance of the longest throw made in competition during the year.

The last half of the season has been a bit frustrating.  She is throwing 115'-to-125' which is enough to finish first and second in most meets.  That is short of her personal best.

She thinks she found something that slipped into her throwing that took the extra feet off her distance.  She was not driving her lead foot down just before launch.  She was "dancing", essentially power-throwing with a little bit of foot work.

Hope springs eternal.  It will be very, very cool if she beaks 130'.  Report to follow.  Even if it is sad news.

She knows she is going for shot put to flesh out the field.  She will make her best throw but mastering the shot will be her project for next year.

Kubota and I will probably go out to the lake or go fishing in the river.  Belladonna invited her birthmother to watch her compete and she is not quite ready to have her meet Kubota.  Rather than distract her, Kubota and I will find things to do around Eaton County.

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