Saturday, May 24, 2014

Team States (Track) in Linden

Division II Team States for High School Women's Track is in Linden, Michigan.

That is near Mrs ERJ's childhood stomping grounds.  We talked it over and she decided that she would rather stay home.

We had a couple of sick people this week, including me.  That is one of the reasons you got the "Regime Speak" series.  Opinions take little thought or effort.

The inside of the house is messier than she is comfortable with as a result of the illness and she wants to make it fit for healthy humans again.

Also, Mrs ERJ and I complement each other with our natural diurnal cycles.  I find it easy to get up in the morning and painful to stay up late.  Mrs ERJ is the opposite.  Given the distance to Linden and the schedule, driving Belladonna to the meet qualifies as the early-shift....and I won.

It will be mid-70s and very sunny.  A fabulous day to get a sunburn.  Track meets last F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  The bigger the meet, the longer it takes.  Team States is a big meet.


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    1. Much to Belladonna's disgust, I took a fanny pack. The family of one of Bella's team mates brought a baby and they forgot their sunblock. Bella asked me if I had some....and of course I did. You can carry much in a fanny pack. I had already slathered up with the SPF 30. Good thing. I did not get it back for about four hours. I suspect it may have been passed around.

      I picked it up in the fall when the stores were clearing out their seasonal summer items. I picked up about four of them for half price. I wish I had picked up eight.

      Shortly after getting it back I got another request for it and it never came back.

      I really would have pissed off Bella if I had worn both my fanny pack and my boonie hat. As it was, I wore a standard baseball cap.

      I want to do blog entry on what the Hispanic migrant labor wears when working the onion fields. Those guys have a system and it works. They wear wide brimmed STRAW hats.

      BTW, thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. Your comments are always on-point and well thought out.


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