Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Much Signal?

Kubota has become increasingly difficult to awaken in the morning.  It is 95% acting. 

He becomes the center of attention as Mrs ERJ and Belladonna get pushed into being late.

Until today he has had little downside to that behavior.

Today, the short red bus (the minivan) left without him.  An earlier discussion with Mrs ERJ determined that the undesirable behaviors would undoubtedly continue until Kubota actually bore some of the costs he was creating.

Unfortunately for Kubota, the window on the passenger side of the Cavalier had been left down the night before.  We received about a half inch of rain during the night.  That moisture was probably darned uncomfortable through the polyester shorts he insists on wearing.  Somehow I managed to slip the fact that the minivan was parked in the garage and that all of the seats are dry into our conversation.

I expected a bunch of push-back when I told him the white bus (the Cavalier) did not have a scheduled stop at the schoolhouse door.  I told him I was dropping him off on the corner (a two block walk).

Walking is so uncool when you are an 8th grader.

But as I was turning the corner explaining this to him a cop car was parked kitty-corner to the drop-off point, lights flashing.

Kubota got out without speaking.

I stopped and chatted with the cop for a minute.  The policeman had stopped and lit up the lights because there was a stalled car in the road.  About thirty seconds into our conversation the car started up and drove away.


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