Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Slow Day at the Ranch

I had just finished changing the oil on the Cavalier and was taking the dogs on a walk.  I was looking for morel mushrooms.  Carl, one of my coffee friends, found 26 big ones yesterday.

I was also looking for a place to squeeze in one more tree.  Carl had graciously offered me a Horse Chestnut seedling.  He was very impressed with The Diary of Ann Franks and thinks that planting some Horse Chestnuts around town is a fine legacy.  Carl is from the Eaton Rapids High School class of 1953 and is an exceptionally well read man.  He considers himself a Democrat, in the Jeffersonian tradition.

Kids, driving, springtime

I got a text from Belladonna.  One of her friends had been in a vehicular accident on the way to school.  She had hit some chatter bumps and rolled the van into a small pond.

I am glad the driver is OK.  This is one in a series of ponds.  It is "The Home Schooler's Pond".  The pond just north of it is much, much deeper.  The driver is a softball player and she lost her "sliding shorts" in the pond.  I intend to take the high road and resist the temptation to make any puns about shorts.

The young lady is shaken up.  Belladonna asked me to excuse her from school so she could go to the hospital and show her support.  I agreed.

I gave her a ride to the hospital.

The young lady who rolled the van was on our way to pick up Belladonna to give her a ride to school. This is what gives parents gray hairs.

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