Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friends with Trucks

Roger Miller is one of the Eaton Rapids fruit growers who given me many plants in the past.  He is laid up with some health issues for now and he was worrying about getting his grass cut.

I became impatient after a day-and-a-half of no returned calls or texts so I widened my net.  I used to work at a factory with one of my neighbors.  We have mutual respect for each other but he does his thing and I do mine.  One advantage of living in the country is that it is much easier to cordially ignore neighbors than, say, when one lives in a trailer park.  I wave when I see him.  He waves back.  We might drop in after a big storm and ask if the other needs any help chainsawing.  But that is about it.

I told Dan what I wanted to do.  He had an appointment at 11:00 that he could not miss.  I had one at 2:30.  We settled on 1:00 PM as the best time.  I swung buy a store and picked up a twelve pack of his favorite libation.  He said he would do it for nothing but gracious acts merit gracious thanks.

I drove over in the Cavalier.  Dan followed with his truck and trailer.  We pulled into Roger's drive....and the grass was already cut.

Alice was on the porch eating a late lunch.

One or two of Roger's nephews had come over and cut for about five hours.  They had to knock off mowing at 9:00 PM because it was getting dark.

I don't know what they used for equipment but it did a great job considering that the grass was 12 inches tall and damp from a recent rain.

Dan and I ran the mower off the trailer.  Dan went home.  I mowed for about another hour touching up the places where things had fallen into the grass and beneath low-hanging limbs.

I left the mower at Roger's place.  I have been cutting my grass with a push mower for decades.  Roger needs to know that we got this covered. 


  1. Thanks to you both for stepping up...

  2. Hello Pawpaw and Old NFO. Thanks for commenting. I will be happy with an obituary that states, "He did good work." and then a list off all the junk Mrs ERJ wants to sell with the asking price.

    Where I come from "Good Work" and "...stepping up" is high praise.

    Again, thank-you.


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