Monday, May 12, 2014

OH, Happy Day!

I found the bolt to my M-48 Mauser.

Life is good.


  1. Why would the bolt be anywhere but in the rifle?

    1. Due to behaviors of other people in my house I decided I needed an additional degree of separation between the stored firearm and a functional weapon.

      I keep the weapons in a gun safe. Due to the shape of the lock it would not be difficult to deduce which key on my key ring fits the gun safe.

      Trigger locks are a joke. I do not need one more itty-bitty key to keep track of.

      The answer came to me when watching the old Cool Hand Luke. There is a scene where the guard tells Luke to fetch his rifle. The guard carried the bolt on his belt. He inserted the bolt and shot a snapping turtle for dinner.

      We have to make the best decisions we can with the cards we are dealt. My kids are who my kids are. I strive to live in the world of "is" rather than the world of "should". My perception of the world, as it "is", made me believe that I needed that additional degree of separation while retaining the ability to bring arms quickly to bear.

      Things are better now. We are back to gun-safe only. At least until events lead me to believe I still need that additional degree of separation.

      Incidentally, thank-you for asking.



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