Friday, May 23, 2014

Regime Speak I-through-N

You're about to be lied to when they say-

impacted by...Used by writers who are unsure; affected by or effected by?
impactful...An admission by the speaker that he suffers from a bowel condition.  Run for cover.  Explosion is imminent.
in denial...Opponents refuse to accept the speaker's faulty premise that they use to justify their over-reach.  See "Commonsense Solutions".
inappropriate...A word used to by speakers the way a Catholic makes the Sign-of-the-Cross.  The Catholic does it to ward off evil.  The speaker uses this word when opponents want to discuss outcomes.
inclusive environment...Infested with professional victims.
insensitivity...Robust.  Results focused.
investing in our future...Subsidy to pensions of unionized teachers
linked to...Not capable of surviving on its own merit.
making a difference...A faith based statement rarely supported by monitoring and data
marginalized...A quick reading of Darwin and Origin of Species is warranted by anybody who uses this word.
marriage equality...There are many forms of incorporation available to humans.  Forcing non-hetero incorporation to be jammed into "marriage" amounts to vandalizing.  Barbarians deface what they do not understand.  As one wag pointed out, "Why limit marriage equality to Homo sapiens?  Can I marry my dog to help with the vet bills?"
mean spirited...Indicates that the opponent has firm views regarding the sanctity of private property
most vulnerable...Yeah, and Dr Doolittle speaks for the animals.  Virtually all of the "most vulnerable" have smart phones, internet access and accounts on social media.  They also do not have their time sponged up by a job. 
mounting opposition to...Means the speaker was lazy and did not do their job to start with.  They tried to sneak bad laws and bad policy beneath the system of checks-and-balances.
multicultural...Same as "inclusive environment."
non-blaming...nonjudgemental...Pure ideological parties ("Idiots", for short) cannot survive in a system where outcomes are used to judge the value of policy.  See "Metaphysics"
non-partisan, non-profit...And why, pray tell, is it necessary to fund these out of the public weal? 
not value neutral...Well, duh!  There are three reasons to enact taxes.  One is to raise revenue.  Two is to reassociate (reinternalize) externalized costs back to the originating transaction.  Three is to modify behaviors (parking meters).  Of course they are not value neutral.
nuance...A word used by a speaker when it appears that they are doing nothing or it looks like they have absolutely no clue about what they are doing.

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  1. Yep ALL buzzwords... And good for playing BS bingo in meetings... :-)


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