Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where All Da Wil' Women?

"Where all da Wil' (aka, Wild) Women?" Kubota asked with his best Blazing Saddles voice.

"Wrong day." the fifty year old guy in the warming house at the sledding hill responded.

"Whaddya mean?" asked Kubota.

The gentleman looked at me, Kubota and then Kubota's friend "D".  He must have liked what he saw.

He leaned forward, waggled his eyebrows and told us in a conspiratorial whisper, "February 7 will be Sorority Girl Night.  We are expecting 150 sorority girls from the local university starting at 5:00 PM."

Kubota and "D" got very excited.  They put the date on their smart phones.

Trudging up the hill dragging the inner tubes ($2 rental for 2 hours) Kubota asked,  "Hey, Dad!  What is a sorority girl?"

You just have to smile.  I think we will be sledding next Friday although I don't know how many skinny snow bunnies will show up.  Weather Underground predicts 12 degrees F for the evening of Feb 7.  The good news for sledding is that the temperature is not predicted to rise above freezing before then.

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