Thursday, January 16, 2014

Indoor Track Update

Belladonna will be competing in her first indoor track meet tonight.

The season is about half over.  The weather got nasty about the time she decided she was ready to go.  Then we had Christmas break and then more bad weather.

Shot put

2014 MITS State Qualifying distance for shot put is 31'06" for women.  Belladonna was consistently hitting 32' last spring.  She went to a throwing camp in the summer to improve her form and has been lifting weights since September to improve her strength.

The downside is that she has not thrown the shot since July.  As a parent, my primary concern is that she not hurt herself.

Weight Throw

One of the events she was exposed to at the throwing camp was hammer throw.  Belladonna took to it like a duck to water.  Hammer throw is not a high school event in Michigan probably due to the carnage that could result from a misdirected throw.

This is not Belladonna.  Picture from HERE

The Indoor Track Series has an event called "Weight Throw".  Pictures of the event make it look like a very short handled hammer.  I would love to see her take a whack at "Weight Throw".  She would need to throw it 22'00" to qualify for States.

City Traffic

For me, the unpleasant part is driving to the event.  This one will be in downtown Ann Arbor.  Ann Arbor is a college town and I expect the parking to be a challenge.  I don't mind walking a mile if I know where I am going.  I hate tickets and I hate driving in traffic looking for a place to park.

I should probably remove the pump shotgun from my trunk before I travel to that self-declared bastion of diversity, tolerance and civil liberties.  8-(

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