Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Cheap Trip to the Doctor

Belladonna wanted to go to the Urgent Care after Mass today.  She has had classic immune system response discomfort:  Swollen lymph nodes, sore neck, head ache since Thursday.

I drove her.

On the drive to the Urgent Care the conversation turned to the ubiquitous cafeteria dish known as S-O-S, "Stuff"" on a Shingle, and we discussed its more common name. Belladonna enjoys SOS but adores crispy hash browns topped with sausage gravy...same thing only better, in her book.

As we pulled into the parking lot I asked her what her symptoms were.  Currently, she has a runny nose.  I told her it probably viral and the doc will tell her to drink fluids, take Tylenol and rest but really won't be able to do anything for you.  She still wanted to go.

As I drove around the parking lot, I asked "Why do you want to see the doctor?"

She said, "I am afraid it might be a sinus infection."

As I pulled into the parking place I asked her, "Is it clear and runny or thick, opaque and greenish?"

She said, "Clear and runny."

I said, "It is not a sinus infection."

Walking toward the building I said, "You know it is $100 out-of-pocket this time of year."

Belladonna spun around and started walking back to the Cavalier.  "Never mind."

Furious texting

Belladonna texted furiously the entire drive home.  I was sitting next to her driving.

Parts of her still wanted to see a doctor so she could hear, from a person wearing a white lab coat, what every parent knows.

I fixed her a plate of fried hash browns topped with sausage gravy (extra Tobasco) and sharp cheddar cheese and a side of toast with orange marmalade.  She may hate me.  She is a teenager and it is part of the growing-up script.  But at least she is well fed.

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