Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Home Improvements

Repairs around the house

The ignitor for the oven arrived Friday in time for Pizza-and-a-Movie night. After the pizza was done we put in the turkey that had been waiting in the refrigerator.  We followed the advice of my oldest daughter (the one who has a professional cook for a landlord/roommate).  We cooked it over night at 170 degrees.  Actually, the dial on the oven did not go that low, so it was just a scootch under 200.  Yes, the turkey was moist and delicious even after cooking 9 hours. 


Belladonna finally said the magic words.  Her room is kitty-corner from the furnace and has the longest run of heating duct and cold air return.  Her room gets cold.

I purchased a booster fan to install in the hot air duct and was waiting for her to say, "OK, Dad, I am ready to help."  I guess she finally got cold enough to wedge me into her schedule.

It took a bit more than an hour.  The wiring is quite crude at this point. The unit draws about 35 Watts which is a pinch of nothing.  She will unplug it in March.

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