Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waking up Kids

The kids were tough to pry out of bed this morning. They got used to going to school one day a week.  We are running about 5 minutes behind schedule.

Fortunately I am learning how to wake up my kids.


Singing nearly always works.  But when it doesn't.

Belladonna has a very active imagination.  Hands scurrying over the tops of the blankets and words describing large, fuzzy spiders usually work.  In the rare cases when that does not work, a hand slowly hunting its way up beneath the covers, starting at the bare feet work well.  Rumor has it that the bite of the dread Eaton Rapids Tarantula feels like a pinch on the butt.


Kubota can be grumpy in the morning.  So far, the best strategy has been to let the Boston Terrier out of his crate.  Let him do his business outside.  Then toss the B.T. (with his icy feet) onto Kubota's bed.

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