Friday, January 10, 2014

A Real, Outdoor Kind of Man

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 "Own a truck.

Always have a knife.

Carry a knife. Always. The only time you should not have a knife is when you are naked, in a bed or when you’re swimming. (Real men swim, they don’t play in the water. And, there is only one kind of knife and that’s a sharp one. A dull knife is nothing but a flat piece of metal with a handle.)..."

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  1. Oh, please. Of course men carry knives.

    My third grade teacher, Mrs Graham, not only knew but counted on the fact that every boy and most of the girls had a pocket knife. When a box would come in the room, she'd ask to borrow a knife and 20 third graders would start digging in their pockets. She'd test the offered blades on her thumb and critique them. The boy with the dull knife was chastised by Mrs. Graham, and reviled on the schoolyard during recess.


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