Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shameless Plug for a Fellow Blogger

I don't do this very often.  It seems like cheating.

I know that people who wander into this blog are looking for different things.  Some will check out the blog list and visit them once or twice to see what is there.  They may catch the blogger on an off-day and never go back.  That is a shame.

Today's entry at Home on the Range was world-class and I want to share a "teaser".

Excerpt from Tools for Life  <====Link

I know people that do not know how to can, or store food long term, treat water, fix a pump, build a fire without a lighter, sew up a wound, or repair something worth repairing. They are one paycheck away from going to bed hungry but for government handouts, but have multiple cars in the garage and two large TV's. People bred with a "gimme" mindset and a grocery store on the corner, likely to be frozen inertia when things go south as they wait for someone to save them. And they call some of us "dumb redhecks". We'll be around a lot longer than those that live off of credit, someone else's cash and an attitude that the world owes them something, which is NOT a mindset which will put food on the table if the grocery store is empty and the power is out.

Fate and the vagrancy of human egos have set a warning in the sky that rises up like smoke for those of us who watch history. Those of us out here where the land is flat and the grain is dying have seen it, and we gather in our grain and we polish our protections and we look at our future with strength from within.

So I continue to learn, small skills, a little bit at a time for as time thunders past, into the dusk, there is no telling when I will need to use them, to not just make my life easier, or to restore a piece of old furniture, becoming part of its history. but simply to survive. I learned about choice and I learned about trust. I learned that it's not just finding something strong enough to embrace  your own strength, it's finding something honest enough to earn it.

It's hard work, the work we do that protect and provision and provide for ourselves and our loved ones...

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