Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Just Need a Ride into Town

Wild Willie's mom gave us a call and asked if we could give her a ride to the Speedway gas station in town.

Wild Willie is one of Kubota's friends.

We were planning an expedition into Eaton Rapids anyway so we said, "Sure!"

Go North

After picking her up it became clear that to her "....the Speedway station in town." was the one in Lansing, about 15 miles away.  Then her friend was running a little late so she asked if we could meet him a little closer to his current location.

We waited 20 minutes in the parking lot of a worn-down-at-the-heals convenience store near downtown Lansing.  Then back to Eaton Rapids to run one more errand for Wild Willie's mom.  Part way through the trip my eyes started watering and itching so badly that I could not drive.  I pulled over and let Mrs ERJ drive.  I strongly suspect Wild Willie's mom has cats.

Later I joked with Mrs ERJ that I am allergic to all women except for her.  She advised me that there would be a market for that product if I could figure out how to put it in a bottle.

ERJC Update

ERJC looks much better after 7 days of SSRI antidepressants.  He had an appointment at a clinic for under-insured patients today.  His problem is not that his is not insured.  His problem is that his parent's health insurance is 100% out of pocket for the first $3500-to-$4000.  They cannot pay his co-pays.  He cannot pay his co-pays. 

The "Care Free" clinic's billing rate started at $120 a visit.  ERJC makes $70/week selling his plasma.  ERJC is still looking for a doctor.  He has an appointment scheduled with one in Eaton Rapids for Monday.  The doc is an old-fashioned, curmugeonly General Practitioner.  He only charges $80 a visit.

Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup is to dinner foods what zucchini is to vegetables.  The reason Jesus did not feed the five thousand with split pea soup is that it would not have been a miracle.  We made a pot of split pea soup at the beginning of this week.  Every morning we added water to the gelatinous, congealed mass; we stirred it and heated it.  Then we ate our fill for lunch and for snacks. Everyday.

We are still eating on that pot of split pea soup.  And we will not even need 12 baskets for the crusts and bones.

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