Friday, January 10, 2014

The Kids are Back in School

The kids are back in school.

Eaton Rapids had two snow days before the official, two week Christmas break.  Then we had an extra four days after the official end of the break.

I am glad to have a little bit of time for myself.

The hardest part about the commute was shoehorning the two kids and Mrs ERJ into the Cavalier.

The Cavalier must have had an interesting history.  The entire right side was repainted at one time and the seats are "sedan" seats.  That is, they don't have the easy-slide feature to make them go forward.  I don't need a flexibility routine in my physical fitness program as long as I am driving the Cavalier.

Balmy weather

The temperature is a balmy 33 degrees and it is foggy.  Not the greatest day to go for a walk.

I shoveled out the mail box.

Starting to order Garden supplies

A woman from the Hunza valley.  Picture from HERE

I am ordering scionwood for this year's grafting season.  So far, I have a few Hunza apricots coming, possibly some Laroda plum, a metric boatload of South Dakota plum.

Japanese Giant pussy willow.  Picture from HERE

After I finish this blog entry I will order some "Rubikins" and Japanese Giant pussy willows.

Blog statistics

Rubykins pussy willow.  Picture from HERE

I get a big chuckle out of blog statistics. has some fairly easy-to-use-tools where I can see how many visits I am getting and where those visits came from.  Whenever I have a post that mentions "pussy willow" the traffic shows a major up-tick.  Most of it is from automated spiders.

"Rubikins" and "Japanese Giant Pussy Willow" sound like stripper names, doesn't the.  ;-)

"W" is a vowel

A little know rule of phonics is that "w" is sometimes a vowel.  The ditty should go, "A-E-I-O-U and sometimes Y and W".  The last "w" in "willow" makes the "O" long.

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