Monday, January 6, 2014

What Could Go Wrong?

Belladonna asked if she could spend the night at a friend's house.

We agreed if the mother (who drives a GMC Envoy) would pick up and drop off.

We asked the mother not pull into our driveway.  Captain plowed it three times yesterday but he got snowed in today.  His driveway has nothing but soybean stubble for 1.4 miles to the west...and we have had 20 mph west winds through the afternoon.  I shoveled out our drive except the last 20 feet.  It is easier to shovel out the glacier deposited by the snow plows if there is soft snow beneath it.

The mom did as advised, but rather than back up and turn around, she decided to take a short-cut.  She got stuck once on the East-West.  Now she is REALLY stuck on the North-South.  The North-South has a half mile of soybean stubble to the west..

City slickers!

Don't even pay attention to which way the wind is blowing.

Belladonna has been calling about every 10 minutes to keep us apprised of the situation.  She did not wear super-warm clothes.  After all, she was just going for a short ride in a vehicle.

I told her that I can come and get her.  But I would be walking and I would be bringing warm clothes...very warm clothes.  And then we would walk home.

The wind died down a little bit and clocked around to the SSW.  The other upside is that the pollen counts are low.

The mom called her boyfriend and he is coming to pull them out.  I hope he brings a serious, 4WD truck or I will be going for a long walk in the -31 Fahrenheit windchill.  I should know in an hour.

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